Hi, I am Odinaka Joy. A hard-working Software Engineer with a flair for creating elegant and quality solutions in the possible least amount of time. A Facilitator/Mentor and Agile Project Manager. I specialize in full-stack web development using a variety of languages, frameworks, web tools and technologies. Strong in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and good software architecture/design

Since earning my graduate degree in Computer Science, I have expanded my knowledge and skill via different platforms such as Pluralsight, OpenClassrooms, W3Schools, Edureka, Udacity, to mention a few and gone ahead to obtain hands on experience as a junior developer in a startup, a freelance web developer, a remote developer and as an open sourcerer.



Front - End

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript (ES6+) React JSON AJAX Bootstrap Netlify Jest

Back - End Languages and Frameworks

PHP Laravel Node Express Mocha Chai


MariaDB/MySQL PostgresSQL MongoDB


Git/Github RESTful API Unit Testing CI/CD Travis CI Coveralls Code Climate Codacy Heroku Project Management Agile System System Architecture/Design Software Engineering


I am a Full-Stack Web Application Developer with a passion for web tools and technologies. I write efficient, robust, clean, re-usable and maintainable code.

I strive to follow best practices and use industry-standard tools, including git-flow, Test Driven Development (Jest, Mocha, Chai), Continous Integration (Travis-CI, Coveralls, Codeclimate, Codacy), Linting (ESLint, Prettier), Package Management (NPM, Composer) and modern build tools (Webpack, Babel).

Although I have a wide range of experience, the technology I prefer and am most familiar with is JavaScript